You Probably Have Been Told this Many Times “Give Constructive Advice.” I Say Shut Up If You Don’t

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Early stage things are fragile. Even so, we show them to others in order to avoid from missing opinions or ways we can improve.

If you see or hear and just say “you have to improve your communication skills, writing, product, etc., you’re wasting each other’s lives.

There are contexts that people can comment in a non constructive way. For example, the situations you are a boss, a customer, or you and I are going on a business negotiation. Within these contexts, I got paid so most of the time I have to figure out by myself how to have the boss or customer satisfied. In the context of business negotiation, non constructive words can be one of the affective negotiation skills.

Except the conditions mentioned above, when you are commenting, give a constructive one or shut up.

Of course, as listeners to any comment, we have the responsibility to train our mind to keep humble and patient even if others give non constructive advices. It is still possible the commenter has given constructive advice but we have failed to get it.

But, if you are the commenter, you can also make yourself better. Give constructive advice. I say shut up if you don’t.

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