You can still chase the goal even if it will fail, even if it is beyond your ability, even if it won’t make you happy.

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If we decide to realize some goal, of course we should try any possible way to achieve it and be happy during the execution.

That doesn’t mean we must set the goal according to whether or not it would succeed, it would be within your reach, or reaching it would make your happy.

Sounds strange? Why would we want to do something we know it will fail or it will bring us unhappiness?

The thing is, there is no logical connection. Statements like
“the goal will fail”,
“the jobs are tougher than I can do”
“I won’t be happy even if I succeed”
can’t logically lead to
“I should not do it”
without further assumptions or premises.

Most of the time, we just want to find some internal or external drive to decide whether or not to do something or keep going on that thing.

In fact

  • Even if we know a thing will fail, we can try anyway to push it near its realization.
  • Even if we won’t have enough abilities, we can train ourselves step by step and gradually get some of those abilities.
  • Even if we know we won’t be happy to do or achieve something, we can try any possible way to enjoy the little or long journey.

Don’t trap yourself by “you have to succeed”, “the goal has to be within your abilities”, or “to be happy is the most important thing.” Many people could think like that, but you don’t have to. There is no logical connections without assumptions or premises. What are your assumptions or premises? Or, what are your core values?

You can decide yourself by any reasons or no reasons at all. A person just lives in the world, does something, and is going to die in the end. That’s all.

Reasons or not, you will do as who you are. Some people call it destiny. Some people call it mission. Some people call it willpower. Call it anything you like.

Finally, because we can still chase those doomed-to-fail, beyond-ability, or unhappy goals, those goals with just very little possibility to be within reach maybe we can really just do it.