Why, in their shoes, China has to own Taiwan

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National flag of Republic of China (R.O.C.) = Taiwan

Historical view

In the history China, has been in thousand years of cycles of breaking up and unifications. But this time, losing Taiwan, if happens, will be a Chinese big crisis.

China has been able to comeback to unification regularly in the history. The critical point was the absolutely cultural seniority than all the other nearby countries. Thus, any breaking up and any foreign invasions couldn’t stop the force to unify China again. But, today this is different.

Today there is western style democratic Taiwan

Taiwan has become a western style democratic country. if China loses Taiwan, China WILL break up into pieces again since there are Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hong Kong, and more. And then, this time China probably won’t be able to come back to unification again because there is the equivalently advanced western culture.

Even if Chinese people decide to unify their new China, the “invasion” (in their shoes it’s an invasion) of western democracy, western freedom, western individual rights, etc, will fundamentally change China. It already happened in Taiwan, which had changed Taiwan from Republic of China to a western democratic and a western liberal Taiwan. It means China won’t be China again, like Egypt today has been Arabic Egypt, no longer the ancient cultural Egypt.

This severity won’t let any Chinese politician give up Taiwan. If anyone tends to do so, other CPP’s members or even Chinese people will call them historical mistake makers and historical national traitors. In consequences, CPP and any Chinese politician will at any cost claim and find the way to unify Taiwan somedays.

Not deeply knowing this will lead to world war III

Many younger generation Taiwanese, like me, want the worldwide acknowledgement on the fact that Taiwan IS an independent country, which IS NOT part of China. However, I can understand how severe it will be for China. I hope you can also understand. Otherwise, once crossing the redline of China, world war III will come.