Where to Invest $1 Million Right Now – Post Reading Note (2020 April)

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Where to Invest $1 Million Right Now – Post Reading Note

Bill Street’s Answer
(Group chief investment officer, Quintet Private Bank)

  • Battery technology, software and digitalization tools – technological revolution in traditional manufacturing, especially automaking industry.
  • Copper – demands for copper are needed in all forms of industrial manufacturing.

(Note: Shaka and E.C. et al. on June 9, 2020 talked about how materials in terms of car accessories may increase in demands in response to future trend with refinement in self-driving cars)

Clara Bullrich’s Answer
(Partner at Alvarium Investments and co-founder of TheVentureCity)

  • Cyber security solutions – security issues with Zoom etc conference increase.
  • AR/VR – people need time to adjust to going out and at-home entertainment still dominate.
  • “Telemedicines” – insurance companies need to use to track health conditions.

Jack Ablin’s Answer
(Chief investment officer, Cresset)

  • Private equity secondaries (i.e. liquidity premium and cash) – buyers have full visibility of what they get than traditional private equity (can’t choose specificity in pools).

Jeremy Larner’s Answer
(Art dealer and founder of JKL Worldwide)

  • “Blue-chip art” – continue to stand when emerging artists fade.

Bruce Lee’s Answer
(Founder of Keebeck Wealth Management)

  • Healthcare – pharmas allow more partnership.
  • Apple, Google, Nvidia – tech stuff.
  • Verizon, AT&T – people need to increase bandwidth and data
  • Pet industry (pet foods on Amazon etc) – in need during social distancing.

(Note: E.C. is not sure about why Verizon, AT&T can be affected over trends)

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