Top Important Problems, Bias towards Action, Genuine Curiosity

The best people in both groups spend a lot of time reflecting on some version of the Hamming question—”what are the most important problems in your field, and why aren’t you working on them?”

They have a bias towards action and trying things, and they’re clear-eyed and honest about what is working and what isn’t.

They are frequently very driven by genuine curiosity.

Researchers and Founders by Sam Altman

This article by Sam Altman highlights a mindset and approach toward problem-solving and personal growth:

  1. Having the desire to solve significant problems helps maintain focus.
  2. A tendency to take action and experiment leads to continuous discovery, fulfilling your true curiosity.
  3. Experiencing failure is not detrimental; instead, it’s considered another form of discovery that further stimulates your curiosity.

Together, these attitudes create a positive feedback loop that makes the journey towards achieving your goals enjoyable and fulfilling.