The Power of Output: How to Change Learning to Outcome – Post Reading Thoughts

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Here is the link to the original work in Japanese. Currently there is no English translation for this book.

Before reading this book, I think we have to read and comprehend much more news, scientific papers and books because we all could know too little knowledge.
The Power of Output: How to Change Learning to Outcome suggests another attitude. It promotes the idea that we should spend much more time on output from knowledge instead of absorbing information. The time spending ratio it recommends is Output : Input = 7 : 3.
I think I agree that I should do more outputs or take more actions than falling into information anxiety. Of course we have to continuously know more. However, without enough time to do output or taking actions, we only stack behavior irrelevant “knowledge”, which won’t contribute to our careers, the society, or our life improvement.
Blogging is one of the ways to do output mentioned in the book. As you write your thoughts about what you read, you become a contributor. You are being a giver, and by giving your knowledge you even understand better about what you learn by information you read.
About the blogging platform, this book recommend WordPress with your own website domain name instead of Ameba, which provides the blog service similar to Medium. WordPress with your domain name gives you all the flexibility. For example, I set up bilingual functionality so all my posts readers can easily switch to their preferred English or Chinese. Medium doesn’t support such functionality.
Anyway, I read the book, The Power of Output: How to Change Learning to Outcome. Then I took the action. That was the trigger I initiated my I’ll do output everyday and try to make output VS. input as 7 Vs. 3 on time investment.
Rather than being paralyzed because of overwhelming information, let’s seek quality comprehension by doing output, which also makes you a giver instead of a taker.
Hope my daily blogging output can inspire some of you. Then you can do more meaningful outputs than I do.

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  1. CK

    Fantastic! Thanks for your recommendation for the book!

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    Right sir.

  3. Jose

    Excellent recommendation!

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