Stop Arguing Correctness But See The Personality Background

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Although it is true that everyone orients himself in accordance with the data supplied by the outside world, we see every day that the data in themselves are only relatively decisive. The fact that it is cold outside prompts one man to put on his overcoat, while another, who wants to get hardened, finds this superfluous. One man admires the latest tenor because everybody else does, another refuses to do so, not because he dislikes him, but because in his view the subject of universal admiration is far from having been proved admirable. One man resigns himself to circumstances because experience has shown him that nothing else is possible, another is convinced that though things have gone the same way a thousand times before, the thousand and first time will be different. The one allows himself to be oriented by the given facts, the other holds in reserve a view which interposes itself between him and the objective data.

C.G. Jung in Psychological Types
  • Taking significant references on majority VS. Seeing majority recognition far from the truth.
  • Emphasizing on regularity VS. Stressing on impermanence or exceptions.
  • Facts in front of us are facts VS. Explainable facts are yet the facts.

Which types of person are you? Which types are the people you talk to?

Stop boring arguing on correctness of many topics. See the personality background and stand in each others’ shoes, please.