Rescuing Scientific Innovation from Corporate Bureaucracy – Post Reading Thoughts

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R&D departments in tech companies are often asked to meet the needs of markets and work closely with product teams to maximize product values. There are countable limitations for the R&D in taking initiative due to the fact that annual budgets for R&D departments are controlled from the top. However, this article came from the tech perspectives by illustrating the values of R&D among the HR, product and executive teams by showing how it propels innovation, bringing in values instead of creating costs.

Many business leaders appreciate the R&D departments in different ways. Some offer more pays to R&D employees than to the salespeople, while some pharma acquires the R&D department with respect and trust like how it doesn’t consider time and costs for the developmental processes as a big part in their acquisition decision. We all know that Pharma R&D does take time for drug development.

While it remains to be true that R&D departments will follow the rules of executives, R&D departments sure need proper treatments and have bargaining chips in working with other groups.