– Find journalists, bloggers and webmasters covering your niche.

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Google Ads and Facebook Ads are becoming more and more expensive. But it’s fine. As I mentioned in another post, Marketing-for-Engineer contains abundant resources for various ways of marketing I think not only for engineers but also all kinds of people.

Besides, today I found It’s a web service (claimed using AI) looking for journalists, bloggers, or webmasters for your niche targets. By contacting these journalists, bloggers, or webmasters already producing content related to your niche targets, they should be able to help you do efficient marketing.

I think is not a rare new players in digital marketing domain. There should be many novel startups or existing business providers releasing solutions for the problems of nowadays high expense on digital marketing.

So, we can keep on making good products and excellent services. Marketing and social networking is still important, yet the product and the service are the core.