Idea Generation by Sam Altman – Post Reading Thoughts

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Having ideas is among the most important qualities for a startup founder to have……it turns out that good founders have lots of ideas about everything.

Comment: We founders already have too many too many ideas about everything. Most of the time we don’t need further suggestions from people. What we need is dedication to execution.

……Stay away from people who are world-weary and belittle your ambitions. Unfortunately, this is most of the world. But they hold on to the past, and you want to live in the future.

Actually it is a great and nice practice to interact with most of the people who are world-weary and belittle your ambitions. First, this makes sure we don’t live only in our bubble. Second, it helps us continually train our patience and humanity. Third, it trains us to continually to remind ourself that every being, including every of those people, is equal in essence and both we founders and the world need them all. Finally, help them in the way they need as you can. So, keep staying with people who are world-wary and belittle your ambitions.

Of course, also stay with people who are encouraging and welcoming your ambitions. That’s why people come to specific places like Silicon Valley.

……You want to be able to project yourself 20 years into the future, and then think backwards from there. Trust yourself—20 years is a long time; it’s ok if your ideas about it seem pretty radical. 

Comment: See the future, trust yourself and just do it.

……ideally you can ask a mentor or some people you’ve worked with what you’re particularly good at. I’ve come to believe that founder/company fit is as important as product/market fit.

Comment: Everyone, including founders, need mentors.

Further comment:
Mr. Sam Altman of course has to write this kind of articles to encourage founders to trust themselves, to keep ambitious, and to live in entrepreneurship environment. He is one of the vested interests of such mindset and environment, while some founders could need the other type of thoughts. Even worse, the reality could be not so inspiring as he said. Still, this world needs his advocate to keep evolving to a potential better world.
As a founder, I also appreciate the existence of his words.