Holding Your Breath to See How Treacherous Your Brain is

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Let’s do an experiment: hold your breath as long as possible, and at the same time observe what thoughts would appear in your mind.

The purpose of this experiment is to know how your brain reacts facing anything uncomfortable or difficult.

What do you find?

You found your mind was talking to yourself during holding your breath.
It could say many times “I can’t hold on anymore” but it lied because actually you could do it longer.
It could say “I could die” but it lied because you won’t die if you’re in a place with air accessible.
It could ask “what’s the meaning of doing this!”
It could ask “is this really what I want”
It could doubt more on why you have to endure this.

What does that mean?

It means, be careful about voices in your mind. Those voices often kill your persistence. Whenever you feel tired, suffered, or encounter obstructions, your brain could tell the same things:
“I can’t hold on anymore”
“What’s the meaning of doing this!”
“Maybe what I want is another kind of lives”

But every kind of living has its difficulties, pains, or challenges. If you listen to your brain, you won’t ever know how to live.

You brain is treacherous. It produces any possible reason to stop your work continuation.
So, stop listening to your brain. Your brain is still a great device to produce solutions. Use it carefully instead of having it control you.

There are other methods you can apply for a good life rather than being controlled by the voices in your mind. We’ll talk about them in the future in this category, spiritual awareness.