High Output Founders’ Library – a wonderful resource

Founder coach and angel investor Steve Schlafman released High Output Founders’ Library. It is a portal to the tactical and practical advice, lessons, templates, and resources. Its target audience is early-stage startup founders and operators from pre-seed to Series B.

It is not fragmental advice

There’s no shortage of advice for founders; it’s everywhere. What’s been missing is an online center of gravity for actionable, tactical advice. Until now.” – Steve Schlafman twitted.

There is not only quantitively enough of advice but also too many non constructive ones, as I wrote in another post. Thus, we really appreciate the release of High Output Founders’ Library, which aims for actionable and tactical resources.

Good resources and helpful advice is too hard to give

The more fundamental problem is the essential difficulty to help others with any resources or advice. What you think beneficial could be a waste or even harmful to another one. Therefore, non-profit services barely perform well because it reduces the value confirmation process. I will talk about this in future posts.

High Output Founders’ Library is wonderful. It’s our turn to take actions

High Output Founders’ Library is an open resource. However, it contributes to commercial value of High Output, Steve Schlafman‘s leadership development company based in NYC. Moreover, he is also an angel investor. The business model behind makes sure a certain value to the library’s reader. Again, it’s a professional output collection rather than random advice.

Yet, there’s possibility that Steve’s library couldn’t help you. Lives are so diverse, so do founders. 

Knowledge is a rumor until it lives in the body” – from TV series The OA

Let’s take our own actions and have the knowledge live out from our bodies.