Consumer market is hard. It’s about reading collective consciousness.

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The essential challenge of the consumer market

For any consumer market, it is the collective drives decide how consumers choose products or services. However, collective drives are unconscious for most people because they deeply live with self-concept and think they make decisions by themselves.

Therefore, if you ask or take surveys on any single consumer, that single consumer can probably only reply answers from their individual consciousness. You can’t directly talk to the collective drives, which are unconscious to most individual consumers.

That is the essential challenge of the consumer market. In comparison, business market often means much fewer buyers. You can directly negotiate with these buyers and try to make the deals. You don’t have to depict the vague and seemingly unpredictable collective drives and satisfy them.

We can still do it

Still, we can still get valuable information by consumer surveys or individual behavioral research. Just remember, for any observation on consumers, we need further insights for the collective drives behind. Those collective drives are the real causes of consumer behaviors.

Be conscious of those unconscious drives, and then you can make it.

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