Be Here Now V.S. Being

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Limitation of Be Here Now

Zen, mindfulness, and many spiritual teachings tell us “be here now.” It’s indeed one of the really good practices. However, for some people “here” and “now” can lead to some misunderstanding. Moreover, “Here and now” in some context has metaphor about sticking to some focus point from which some people could feel unhappiness lacking of freedom.

Being and the Changing of All Phenomena

So what else? Staying in Being. Be-ing is existence plus the changing of phenomena. It combines the static viewpoint of existence and the dynamic viewpoint of changing. There is no past, current, nor future. There is no here, there, nor other places. The sense of time and space comes from observing the changes of phenomena. From the associations we name them as past, now, future, here, and there. As long as we put our mind in the state of Being without attaching to any piece of phenomena, we can lift our consciousness to view the changing of all phenomena. Then, we feel free from any pain or illusions disguised as entertainment. We exist with the changing of all phenomena, not only “here and now.” It gives us the feeling of completeness and satisfaction.

Find Your Way Or Apply Both

In fact, staying in Being and “be here now” don’t contradict with each other. The timeless dimension we observe the changing of all phenomena of course we can call it “here and now.” “Be here now” is surely one of the right ways to approach to liberation, completeness, and satisfaction. It’s just about different people react differently to languages and teachings. I actually apply each of the methods according to certain conditions. Thus, choose the way you feel suitable: Be Here Now, Being, or others.