Awareness Capitalism – what is spiritual awareness

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Awareness Capitalism is the solution to future economy and humanity. It’s the combination of spiritual awareness and capitalism. Then, what is spiritual awareness?

Experienced VS. Experiencer

In the context of spiritual enlightenment, the awareness is who we really are. In contrast, our thoughts, mental images, ego, bodies, and past are all what are experienced. That is, all of the above are objects. The only persistent subject is the experiencer. We often call it the awareness.

Human suffering comes from mis-taking experiences as ‘I’

According to spiritual enlightenment practices, human suffering comes from identifying with what we experience. Anything we believe as part of our identity increases our fragility. For example, the thing we identify with can be a house, a title, a lifestyle, a religion, a body, or a thought. They are all impermanent and conflicting with other entities. Bodies will get sick and die, while our intellectual abilities will fade out. Worse, there have been fightings or wars once people assert the only factness on their religions, philosophies, nations, etc.

The only solution is the formless awareness

Therefore, the only way to be free from suffering is not to identify with anything. We are not our bodies, mental images, social images, or any other forms. The only identity we are is the formless awareness. However, notice that any form we are NOT includes the thought “we’re the awareness”.

We’re the formless experiencer, not the experiences. In case we recognize ourself the formless experiencer, the spiritual awareness, what we’ll have is the lasting joy. We don’t have to pursue anything to satisfy ourselves anymore. The freedom and completeness gives us the happiness of Being.

Life in the spiritual awareness

As long as we stay in the spiritual awareness, we still can, rather than have to, pursue career success, solve resolvable pains, try to have a safe home, try not to be hungry, enjoy material life and social activities. Once a person can keep in the awareness anytime, there is no more useless thoughts and emotions covering this person. In consequences, the person will have a pretty clear mind, like wakening up from a dream to reality. Such hardly reached state we call it spiritual enlightenment.

Awareness Capitalism

Above is the short description about spiritual awareness. Spiritual awareness + capitalism = Awareness Capitalism, the human future I believe.